The EcoCityCraft Summer Sale is Activated!
Help us save up for our Big Main City Network project!
We seriously appreciate all the help we get during this time.
Planned launch & advertising is end of July!!!

25% OFF All City EcoDollars/EXP
35% OFF All City Features
50% OFF SkyBlock/VMR Purchases
50% OFF Patron Rank

Main North Spawn Towns:
We will be raffling these away for our supporters during this very important sale!
Every time you spend $50 or more throughout the period shown below, you will get 1 Spawn Town Raffle Ticket. Your basket must be totaling at least $50 to be eligible. Examples:
  • Spend $55 - Get 1 Spawn Town Raffle Ticket.
  • Spend $95 - Get 1 Spawn Town Raffle Ticket.
  • Spend $120 - Get 2 Spawn Town Raffle Tickets.
  • Spend $165 - Get 3 Spawn Town Raffle Tickets.
  • Etc. (The remaining amounts do not roll over towards your next purchase.)
Any purchases over $200 will get the following additions free of charge!
  • EcoCityCraft Forum Promotion Medal!
  • EcoCityCraft Forum Premium Upgrade! ($29.99 value!)
  • EcoCityCraft Server Patron Rank! ($75.00 value!)
  • Total of 5 Spawn Town Raffle Tickets! (1 Free!)
Summer Sale Period will last until:
August 5th 11:59pm EST!

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