Fall Mythic Sale Launched! 

- The store is now featuring a major sale across the network until the end of fall!
- Crypto purchases get a 50% bonus on top! - Visit for more information!

- Any basket purchases over $200 (cannot use GiftCard/s) in one transaction are eligible for the following promo:
- - Free Patron Rank & Free Forum Premium -
- Please contact me (@andrewkm) via forum pm regarding your purchase so that I may apply it to your account!

:eek:Promo Crates are ALIVE! :eek:
All purchases with a cart value of $100 (cannot use GiftCard/s) will be eligible for a Promo Crate per $100 spent!
During previous promotions many users spinning these crates chose the Wizard ($400) feature as their winnings during spins! And this is not to mention other possibilities such as upgrading from 100 spawners -> 200 spawners! ($5,000 upgrade)

Promo Crates Prizes:
- $500,000 EcoDollars
- $1,000,000 EcoDollars
- $50 GiftCard - $75 GiftCard
- $100 GiftCard - $250 GiftCard
- 3x Magic Hours
- Base Feature
- Feature Upgrade
- Monthly Spawner Upgrade
- Crate Key
- Pet Feature
- Trail Feature
- $2,500,000 EcoDollars
- $10,000,000 EcoDollars

:cool:Triple Mythic Sword Promo Raffle :cool:
The Mythic sword promo is back along with more prizes! This one is once again a TRIPLE SWORD giveaway!

Prizes are as follows:
- 1x Mythic Sword Level 3 (Promo ticket holders only!)
- 1x Mythic Sword Level 1
- 1x Mythic Sword Level 1
- 1x 20 GodDrops & 20 Egg Keys & 3 Mojang Keys & 7 Spawner Keys
- 1x $5,000,000 EcoDollars
- 1x $2,500,000 EcoDollars
- 1x $1,000,000 EcoDollars
- 1x $1,000,000 EcoDollars
- 1x $1,000,000 EcoDollars
- 1x $1,000,000 EcoDollars

How to acquire tickets.
Acquiring tickets is easy.
Spinning a God Drop in game (doesn't have to be purchased for real money!) = 1 normal ticket.
Spinning a Promo Crate in game (can only be acquired with real money, details above) = 1 promo ticket + 5 normal tickets!

Promo Crates Terms & Conditions
- Cart must be real money only.
- - Crypto purchases bypass this & get reward promo crates for crypto spent.
- - Regardless of your cart amount, using just a single GiftCard, will VOID your spin!
- Purchasing several promo crates in one cart is possible.
- - Example: A $202 dollar cart would give you 2 spins.

Tickets & Expiry

- All promo crate tickets will be held by ClarinetPhoenix publicly starting in October. They will be private in September.
- Sale, Promo Crates, Mythic Sword Promo, and Ticket Acquirement will expire January 2nd, 11:59PM EST!

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We will work with you to meet your needs and desired payment methods! Contact andrewkm (Discord: andrewkm#0001) for more information via Discord DM or Forum PM.
(Minimum purchase amount of $250, comes with a 50% bonus free on top of your amount! You will receive a GC for your purchase amount, which will count toward your sponsor tag as well as any promotions taking place such as Promo Crates.)

Example: Purchasing $300 using Crypto get's you a $450 GiftCard!
PS: Includes a sexy little forum medal!


Normal payments are handled securely using PayPal.
We are PayPal Verified. PayPal payments are our preferred method.

Using a payment method that is not your own is illegal. We will pursue anyone attempting to use fraudulent payment methods in accordance with the law. This includes using your parent's credit cards without their permission. As well this will result in a Global ban from all Minecraft BuyCraft stores worldwide.

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