This purchase will be delivered via the server of choice! /server <main/mainnorth/maineast> command.

CosmoCoins can be used to buy tons of awesome cosmos via our /cosmo - command!

Purchasing CosmoCoins here gets them delivered straight into your in-game account via the main server you choose. Keep in mind purchasing higher amounts comes with bonus CosmoCoins. (Meaning more CosmoCoins per USD spent)

2,500 CosmoCoins 25.00 12.50 USD Buy
5,000 CosmoCoins 50.00 25.00 USD Buy
7,500 CosmoCoins 75.00 37.50 USD Buy
11,000 CosmoCoins 100.00 50.00 USD Buy
24,000 CosmoCoins 200.00 100.00 USD Buy
65,000 CosmoCoins 500.00 250.00 USD Buy