This purchase will be delivered via the skyblock server! /server skyblock command.

EXP can be used to gamble at the star casino via /warp starcasino!

EXP can also be used to purchase netherstars which in turn can be used to reset your challenges! /c command.

Purchasing EXP here gets it delivered straight into your in-game account via the skyblock server. Keep in mind purchasing higher amounts comes with bonus EXP. (Meaning more EXP per USD spent)

EXP levels get reset on island reset!

55,000 SkyBlock EXP 10.00 8.56 USD Buy
112,000 SkyBlock EXP 20.00 17.13 USD Buy
171,000 SkyBlock EXP 30.00 25.69 USD Buy
232,000 SkyBlock EXP 40.00 34.25 USD Buy
295,000 SkyBlock EXP 50.00 42.82 USD Buy
360,000 SkyBlock EXP 60.00 51.38 USD Buy
427,000 SkyBlock EXP 70.00 59.94 USD Buy
496,000 SkyBlock EXP 80.00 68.50 USD Buy
567,000 SkyBlock EXP 90.00 77.07 USD Buy
640,000 SkyBlock EXP 100.00 85.63 USD Buy